Introduction to Caucus

The caucus system is grassroots politics at its best.  The caucus system enables candidates to meet and spend time with local citizens who have the opportunity to directly participate in the nomination of candidates.


What you do at caucus and what you will do throughout this election cycle is precisely what our forefathers had in mind with representative government.  Have no doubt that what you are doing matters.


What is a Caucus?

Caucus is a meeting of the registered Republicans within a neighborhood (precinct) for the specific purpose of selecting representatives to participate in the party’s election process.  This meeting is held every two years and signals the beginning of an election cycle and its nominating process.  It is at your precinct caucus that you have an opportunity to play a key role in Colorado’s political system by selecting representatives from among your Republican neighbors to be precinct committee people and assembly delegates.


What happens At Caucus?

The biennial Caucus is the occasion for voters to have a direct voice in the nominating process through the election of delegates, and in the direction of the Douglas County Republican party through the election of precinct committee people.  Republicans gather at schools and other venues on Caucus night across Colorado to:


  • Elect two precinct committee people in each precinct
  • Elect delegates and alternates to the County Assembly
  • Provide an opportunity for Republicans in the neighborhood to discuss candidates for elected office and other issues that may be of interest
  • Provide an opportunity to submit resolutions to the party platform.


Precinct Committee People & Delegates

The caucus and assembly process can seem complicated at first.  But it really comes down to electing:


Two precinct committee people who are the precinct’s representatives in the Douglas County Republican Central Committee for the next two years, who will have a vote in setting the direction of the party by participating in the election of party officers (chairman, first vice-chairman, second vice-chairman, secretary, and treasurer) as well as other important decisions. Precinct committee people also work within their neighborhood to turn out the vote for Republicans in the general election.


Two or more delegates and alternates who are the precinct’s representatives at the County Assembly (and possibly at other assemblies), and who will vote on who our party’s local and state candidates will be in the June Primary.


Anyone who is eligible to participate in the precinct’s caucus may be elected as a precinct committee person or as a delegate, or both.


Which Is More Important?

Both precinct committee people as well as delegates are very important, but they have different jobs.   To decide which you may be interested in doing, please consider the following aspects of each option:


Precinct Committee Person

  • Helps set the direction of the Douglas County Republican Party for two years by voting in Central Committee decisions and elections
  • Participates in determining the overall direction of the party
  • Votes for District Captain, along with other precincts in that district
  • Remains engaged with the DCGOP and Republicans in their precinct, communicating with them and ensuring that they cast their votes in the general election.



  • Votes in the selection of the Republican candidates at Assembly.
  • Attends the Douglas County Republican Assembly on March 24th, 2018.
  • Is strongly encouraged to attend corresponding State House and State Senate Assemblies to vote for those candidates.
  • May run to be a delegate to the 4th or 6th Congressional District Assembly and/or the State Assembly; these delegates will be elected at the County Assembly from amongst the delegates and alternates.