Proposition #110 – Sales Tax Increase for Transportation

Authorizes bonds for transportation projects and raises taxes to repay the debt


  • Increases state sales & use tax rate to 3.52% (up from 2.9%) for 20 years, beginning January 1, 2019
  • Authorizes CDOT to issue up to $6 billion in bonds
  • Revenue would be placed in the following accounts and spent as follows:

          o 45% for highway construction and maintenance

          o 40% for municipal and county projects

          o   Local municipalities would need to provide matching funds of 50% to qualify

          o 15% for multi-modal transportation (e.g. mass transit to    reduce vehicle usage, bike paths,)


  • This sales tax increase is a 21% addition to your current sales tax
  • Severely hurts Coloradans who will now pay more for goods and services
  • Does not limit where money can be spent
  • Includes set asides for mass transit, bike paths and other non-road projects
  • Sends money to local governments with limited little to no oversight
  • More regulations from government in the attempt to reduce citizen’s freedom in transportation choices
  • Economy killer that doesn’t address the real transportation issues we face

Additional Information:

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