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It’s a Blank Check
Democratic Speaker of the House KC Becker admitted in a committee hearing earlier this year that there is no guarantee as to where Proposition CC’s money will go in the future. The legislature has tricked us before – don’t let them do it again.

State Government Refuses to Prioritize Coloradans’ Needs
The state budget is growing by over $1B every year, but the legislature still refuses to prioritize infrastructure. Despite a 20% increase in education spending since 1990, teacher pay is DOWN 20%. Giving more money to state government, without any reforms, is a bad deal for taxpayers. Since TABOR passed, our budget has grown 306%. State government has enough money – it must prioritize better.

It’s Permanent
Proposition CC would take away Coloradans’ TABOR refunds – forever. It also would permanently eliminate the spending cap on government. There is no sunset – and no real accountability to taxpayers.

It’s a Tax Increase
Despite what the ballot language says, Proposition CC is a tax increase. When the government keeps more of our money and spends it, it’s a tax increase. Current projections indicate that Proposition CC’s passage would cost taxpayers $1.3 billion in the next three years alone. Coloradans have rejected the last six statewide tax hikes for a reason. They want government to be more efficient and effective with the $32.5 billion budget it already receives.

It Would Gut the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights
This ballot issue would strip one of the main parts of TABOR – which limits the growth of government. Public polling shows that 72 percent of Coloradans support TABOR.

It Would Hurt Seniors and Veterans
Currently, refund money is first used to help localities cover the senior and veterans’ property tax exemptions. Proposition CC would take that refund money away – putting seniors and veterans at risk – and putting more pressure on local budgets.

Colorado Has the Number One Economy for a Reason
Colorado doesn’t have the number one economy in the country by chance. TABOR has greatly contributed to our state’s success. We don’t want to fall backwards. This ballot issue is the first step to repealing the rest of TABOR.

It Aims to Backfill Lost Revenue from Oil and Gas
Earlier this year, the Democrat-controlled state legislature passed an anti-oil and gas law that will almost certainly lead to lost revenue. Proposition CC is an early attempt to offset these self-inflicted losses – by taking away more of our money.

TABOR is the ONLY Remaining Check and Balance against Government Waste and Inefficiency
TABOR is the only remaining check on government overreach. Coloradans’ right to review and vote on tax increases protects the state from economic ruin. Proposition CC would take away our foundational rights as voters and taxpayers.

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