Health decisions are inherently personal, and American citizens have a right to healthcare that is choice-based, patient-controlled and market-oriented, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all, government-run program. When government gets involved in what should be a private enterprise, the results are predictably disastrous. The grossly misnamed Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, is a case in point. Contrary to promises made, not only have millions of Americans not been able to “keep [their] own doctor” and/or their insurance plans, but instead of driving down the cost of healthcare it has driven costs up to all-time highs.

Under Obamacare, along with higher taxes, forced government mandates and conscience violations, the cost of insurance premiums and deductibles has increased—and keeps increasing—dramatically. All the while, access to doctors, hospitals and insurance providers has significantly decreased. Therefore, genuine healthcare reform today begins with abolishing Obamacare entirely and returning the responsibility for insurance regulation to the states.

In the place of “government-care,” we favor the reimplementation of free-market approach to healthcare based on individual choice, genuine competition, and increased insurance and provider options. To achieve this, Congress should pass legislation that contains provisions such as: expanding the right for individuals and small businesses to form insurance-purchasing pools, insurance portability and allowing consumers to buy insurance across state lines, as well as the creation of Health Savings Accounts and Health Reimbursement Accounts. For those who can’t afford regular health insurance, we support block-granting Medicaid funds to the states. We also favor the passage of laws to cap non-economic damages in medical malpractice lawsuits, which alone will help reduce the cost of medical care significantly.

We also believe our Constitution’s conscience-rights protections explicitly include the healthcare decisions we make, and should be respected and upheld by our government not violated by it. We support the ability of all U.S. citizens, including private individuals, healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, insurance companies, educational institutions and faith-based groups to provide, purchase, or enroll in healthcare coverage consistent with their religious, moral and ethical convictions. In particular, no American should ever be forced to purchase or fund any abortion-related services against their will, and no taxpayer dollars should be used to pay for abortions or go to those who perform them, like Planned Parenthood.

In addition, we staunchly defend the fundamental right of parents to determine the proper medical care, treatment and/or therapy for their minor children. Except for life-threatening emergency situations, parental consent should always be required before any medical treatment may be given to a child. Similarly, all life-ending healthcare decisions should be made by individuals and families in consultation with their doctors, not by government officials or based on insurance mandates.