Every schoolchild in our country deserves a quality education—one that not only equips them to be successful in life and to make positive contributions to society, but that also engenders a true appreciation for the “American Experiment” in liberty and justice for all. We therefore believe that U.S. History should be taught in all primary school grades and that students should be taught the Constitution and tested on it before they graduate. Because of their natural love for and intimate knowledge of their kids, we also believe that parents are best equipped to make educational choices for them, and that these decisions should be made at the local level.

Because no one method of education is effective for all children, we support Parental Choice in Education. All families should be able to use “public education dollars” to send their kids to the schools they deem most appropriate, whether they be public schools, religious and secular private schools, technical schools, homeschools, etc. Beyond that, the funding, operation and oversight of our educational systems should rest at the level of government closest and most accountable to parents: the municipal or county level, and not with the federal government.

Indeed, the U.S. Constitution forbids any substantive involvement by the federal government in determining local educational policy, curricula and standards. Therefore, we strongly oppose recent efforts by the Department of Education to impose national programs like No Child Left Behind and Common Core on all American schoolkids as unconstitutional intrusions into states’ rights that usurp parental authority and undermine local control.

Common Core, with its compulsory regime of testing, reporting and tracking of students by federal agencies, represents an especially egregious violation of American privacy rights, and makes a mockery of the 4th Amendment. We, therefore, favor the complete repeal of Common Core (and No Child Left Behind), and the return of educational control to parents and their local communities. We also oppose the National College Board’s recent attempts to indoctrinate high school students with liberal ideology through the Advanced Placement (AP) courses and testing it controls.

Finally, we believe our schoolchildren have the right to be educated in safety. Our schools must not be “gun-free zones,” where violent predators are allowed to threaten the lives of students and school personnel with impunity. We therefore believe that all reasonable measures should be taken to ensure our schools offer a safe, secure learning environment for our kids. This includes hiring active and/or retired police and military individuals to provide armed security, as well as giving teachers, who are trained in the use of firearms, the right to “concealed carry” on campus.