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Talking Points for Prop #112 (2,500-foot setbacks)

For decades, anti-energy groups have waged an organized, well-funded campaign designed to eliminate Colorado oil and natural gas development. Wielding misinformation and deliberate scare tactics, these groups over the last four years have attempted to haphazardly increase oil and natural gas development setbacks, which would end production in the state. We have successfully fought back each one of these efforts, but the battle continues in 2018, and additional funding is needed to combat these measures. (This was formerly called Initiative #97)

• Over the last seven years, Colorado has continuously improved the state’s oil and natural gas regulations so that they are some of the strictest regulations in the nation
• Colorado’s tough regulations require companies to work with local governments when planning oil and natural gas development and effectively protect the environment and the health and safety of all Coloradans.
• Dedicated to the responsible and safe development of oil and natural gas, the energy industry is doing things safer and cleaner than ever before.
• This measure is so extreme that it increases setbacks to five times the distance of what is currently required, which effectively bans oil and natural gas development in the state, costing tens of thousands of jobs, hundreds of millions in tax revenue, and would ripple through all segments of the economy.
• The setback distance of 2,500 feet was chosen to eliminate oil and natural gas development altogether, not to make operations safer. This is a ban on the oil and natural gas industry and the supporters of these initiatives are hiding their true intentions
• More than 140,000 jobs and $217 billion in economic activity over the next 15 years are at risk if this measure passes, according to a study of a similar ballot initiative released in July 2016 by the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business.
• Communities across the state will lose more than $1 billion dollars annually in revenues that are critical to state and local governments, schools and special districts. In fact, oil and natural gas contributed $839 million to K-12 schools in 2015 and 2016, and over the past eight years, the industry sent $615 million in severance tax to municipalities and counties for everything from new parks and recreational centers to funding public safety of local police and fire departments, and road improvements.
• Maintaining responsible and reliable production of oil and natural gas right here at home means we rely less on unstable, hostile foreign regimes. A 2,500-foot setback would not only severely limit Colorado’s energy production, it will make our energy security harder to achieve.
• If Coloradans can’t responsibly access oil and natural gas on state land, they may be forced to rely on federal lands to meet their energy needs, further opening the door to development on some of the state’s most pristine public lands.
• This setback measure is so broad that it creates the unintended consequence of empowering the state or any local government to designate additional vulnerable areas not included in the current definition. The door for lawsuits will be left wide open due to the ambiguity of the language in this measure.
• This initiative tells private property owners what they can and cannot do with their own land. It will cause the loss of property rights, hurt communities and cripple agriculture.

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