Information for Candidates


The Douglas County Republican Party values the caucus/assembly process as an important part of our political system that brings candidates and their constituents closer together. We appreciate those candidates who engage the grassroots of the Republican Party by participating in the caucus/assembly process.

At the January 11th, 2014 meeting of the Douglas County GOP Executive Committee, it was decided that only those candidates who affirm to the party chairman or secretary that they are going to go through the caucus/assembly process may address the public at events sponsored by the Douglas County Republican Party.

Specifically, candidates who are petitioning on to the primary ballot may not:

1. Address the monthly Douglas County Republican Executive Committee Meetings.
2. Distribute candidate literature at Douglas County Republican caucus events.
3. Address the public at the Douglas County Republican County Assembly on March 22nd.
4. Distribute literature at any of the above events.


The Douglas County Republican Party makes certain information available to Republican candidates that have publicly declared their candidacy and filed appropriate campaign documents with the County Clerk, the Colorado Secretary of State, or the Federal Election Commission.


This information is made available to the candidate and up to one other person in the candidate’s campaign until one week after the Board of Canvass for the election in which they are participating.


The same information/interface is made available to all eligible Republican candidates that request it so that no preferential treatment regarding information is possible. If a candidate requests information that is not readily available via the interface provided, the interface may, at the discretion of the party, be modified so that all candidates have access to the same data.


Declared and filed Republican candidates that wish to obtain access to this information should create an account on the website (if they haven’t done so already) and contact the DCGOP Secretary to request the information.


NOTE: Only declared and filed candidates will be granted access to this information.