Douglas County Republican Officer Candidates & Bonus Member Information

*The information below contains the announcements and correspondence from those running for executive offices on Tuesday February 5th, 2019.
The Douglas County Republican Executive committee nor any current executive board members neither endorses or oppose candidates.They remain neutral. The information is for your reference only.

On February 5th the DCGOP Central Committee will vote for officers to lead the DCGOP, District Captains for each of the 23 district, and bonus members to represent Douglas County at the state party meeting in March. The bonus members will represent the State, the 18th Judicial District, the 4th Congressional District , and the 6th Congressional District.

Officer Candidates

Two Candidates for Chairman

Stephen Allen for Chair

Fellow Douglas County Republicans:

My name is Stephen Allen and over the last four years I have had the honor of serving as your Secretary. Today, I ask for your support to be your next Douglas County Republicans (DCR) Party Chairman.

For two terms I have served you in the Office of Secretary. In 2015, within a few short months after my first election, I faced an unprecedented situation with the resignation of three officers. As Secretary, to keep the party going during that difficult time, I organized and presided over the DCR Central Committee meeting which elected entirely new officers.

I have also maintained the neutrality required of officers for contested races prior to party primaries and I continue to have positive and productive working relationships with all elected officials and party leaders who serve on the DCR Central Committee.

As your Secretary for the last four years, I have also organized caucuses and county assemblies, and directly assisted with the Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts both in 2016 and again in 2018. I will bring this working knowledge and organizational experience to the Office of Chairman.

As your Chairman, I will be committed to meeting the challenges and bringing about needed results. I will continue to work to develop programs and strategies to further increase our GOTV effectiveness, including: (1) recruit and train more volunteers to successfully implement our GOTV plan; (2) expand our communications and social media to engage and inform voters; and (3) review and analyze available technology resources to better enhance our strategic efforts.

If elected to serve as your Chairman, I will continue to work along side you to promote our conservative values here in Douglas County and elect Republican leaders that will advance our Republican principles throughout our state and nation. By working together we will continue to advance the cause of freedom and liberty in our generation.

I ask for your vote for Chairman at the Douglas County Republicans Central Committee organizational meeting on February 5, 2019, at 7:00p.m. at the Douglas County Fairgrounds Event Center.

Kindest Regards,
Stephen Allen, Secretary
Douglas County Republicans
Candidate for Chairman of the Douglas County Republicans


Chuck O’Reilly for Chair

**For additional communication from Chuck O’Reilly, see long emails sent to the Central Committee on 1.28.19 at 8:12PM and 1.31.19 at 8:36PM

I believe a candidate should present the principles which will guide them.   Below are the Guiding Principles that I will use if elected Chair.

A.    Accountability:

1.     To be accountable all officers and District Captains should submit monthly progress reports to each monthly meeting.

2.     Having written reports makes the Secretary’s job of documenting the meeting much easier.

3.     It is important for the Executive Committee to know the status of each district and precinct and the progress being made on the DC GOP’s Get Out The Vote effort.

B.    Transparency:

1.     Monthly Reports from the officers, district captains, committees and others reporting to the monthly Executive Committee meeting will be presented in writing three days prior to the day of the meeting.

2.     Receiving the reports ahead of the Executive Meeting will allow the members to have time to digest each report and the meeting can then be about the substance of the report.  Doing so should make the meeting both efficient and informative.

C.    Education:

1.     District Captains, as Trainers for their Precinct Leaders, would be educated in the use of the various tools to be used in their efforts to be successful during the coming two years.

2.     The Executive Committee and the Precinct Leaders are to be educated about our message which is the difference between Socialism and Capitalism.

3.     To be successful in our conversations with the voters, we must be able to discuss the values of capitalism versus the evils of socialism.

D.    Communication:

1.     After the Executive Meeting, all of the written reports that were presented to each monthly Executive Committee will be forwarded to the Precinct Leaders so that they may be kept informed to the committee’s progress and issues dealt with at each meeting.

2.     Those of us that have been in the military understand the importance of every person involved in the mission having a complete understanding of the mission and the importance of their role in the mission.

3.     If we are to be successful, we must start now to informing, educating and training our Precinct Leaders on the importance of their verifying phone numbers and email addresses for each of the Republican and Independent voters in their precinct.

4.     Think about how much more successful our events, caucuses and elections would be if our Precinct Leaders are engaged with their voters starting today.

5.     I attended the most recent Executive Committee meeting in January.  The meeting was well run, it was efficient and a lot was accomplished.  The only problem was that less than 10 percent of the information presented will flow down to the very individuals for whom it was most intended.  That would be our 250 Precinct Leaders.

6.     My goal will be to make sure that our 250 Precinct Leaders are made aware of the information brought before the Executive Meeting and how it could help them be more successful.

7.     Then as our data base of Voter’s email addresses and phone numbers improves, our ability to communicate with our Voters improves dramatically.  

8.     Communicating more with our Republican voters, will expand the number of individuals that would attend our events.  We also would be developing our bench for future Precinct Leaders.

9.     Finally, our ultimate goal of greater voter turnout and the success of the Douglas County Republicans will continue.

Thanks for listening, 

Chuck O’Reilly, 

Candidate for Chair of the Douglas County Republicans

Call me at 303-681-3394 between 7 AM and 7 PM if you wish to discuss these principles or other issues or email me at

This email was sent/authorized by Chuck O’Reilly for Chairman

Email sent to the Central Committee on 2.3.19 at 10:21AM

i believe that it is important that a candidate has a list of “Action Items” that they plan on doing once they are elected.  All the more important if the office is that of the Chair of the Douglas County Republicans.


A.    “Begin with the end in mind” – From Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Successful People.

B.    Establish that the DC GOP has a full complement of District Captains.  Filling any gaps will be an early priority of the Chair and Vice Chairs.

C.    Determine all committees that are currently active and ask for status reports from each.

1.     Communication Committee

2.     By Laws Committee

3.     Audit Committee

4.     Arrangement Committee

5.     Credentials Committee

D.    Establish a Welcome Committee for out-of-state arrivals and those that have just received their citizenship.

E.    Establish an Assembly Committee that includes a Teller Committee for counting votes.

1.     Appoint a Committee Chair that would in turn seek out individual Precinct Leaders and Voters that would committee members.

2.     Coordinate with the Treasurer for Liability Insurance and the Castle Rock Fire Department when the Event Center at the Fair Grounds is utilized.

F.     Establish relationships with organizations with conservative values.


A.    Define what fund raising opportunities could occur at each various events to be held by the DC GOP:

1.     Silent Auctions;

2.     Raffle Off Diner with Congressmen, Senators and others.

B.    Report on how you plan to raise funds outside of the activities at the various DC GOP events.

1.     Sell ads to be part of programs that are printed for Caucus Night?

2.     Sell ads to be part of the monthly newsletter to the Central Committee?

3.     Sell ads to promote various pages on our web site?

4.     Other fund raising activities.


A.    List the events that were held in the previous election cycle and verify that all would be held in this cycle:

1.     Determine dates and review for conflicts with other organizations and sports events.

2.     Determine best site for each event and contact hosting organization ASAP

3.     Find speakers that are worthy and will discuss topics that are important to our audience.

4.     Coordinate with Treasurer and Vice Chair and determine cost and benefit of each event.

5.     Coordinate with Treasurer to ensure coverage by our liability insurance and local fire department when applicable.

B.    Determine what, if any, additional events could be added to our calendar.

C.    Determine how and when these various events are to be communicated to our Precinct Leaders and Voters to achieve maximum attendance.

D.    Establish a committee or core group of individuals that would help out at various events.


A.    Establish a reporting system for determining the number of phone numbers and emails verified by each District, by each Precinct.

1.     Totals for the past month;

2.     Totals for the current election cycle.

B.    Develop a communications system / program for online networking for each District to promote close working relationships between the District Captains, their Precinct Leaders and voters in their precinct.  (See Don Parrot’s paper.)

C.    Actions related to the 2020 Caucus:

1.     Establish a committee to make Caucus night a success.

2.     Designate a Facility Coordinator to select and coordinate sites for the 2020 Caucuses.

a)     See Don Parrot’s draft proposal.

3.     Establish a Chair for the Resolution Committee:

a)     Determine the format of a good resolution;

b)    Give an example of a good resolution;

c)     Using the above information, format an email / article to inform our voters that part of the caucus will be dedicated to the origination and submission of resolutions that will be voted on at the County Assembly.

d)    The above article would be included in the Caucus Instructions to be handed out at the Training / Central Committee Meeting.

4.     Review the caucus guide that was issued for the last caucus and determine if there should be any changes or updates.

a)     Who has the master copy of the Guide?

D.    Designate an individual or committee that would assist District Captains and others in contacting candidates for Meet and Greet meetings.

E.    Establish a committee to identify local or non partisan elections in this current cycle:

1.     Create a list the various local elections:

a)     City Councils and Mayoral elections;

b)    IREA elections;

c)     Fire District Elections

2.     Review credentials of candidates and determine which have conservative principles;

3.     The successful candidates are our bench and we should be assisting candidates that espouse our conservative principles.

4.     The DC GOP could allow conservative candidates to utilize our data base of voter phone numbers and emails to help them succeed.


A.    Report those Districts that are without Captains and those Precincts that do not have two Precinct Leaders and a Secretary.

1.     These Districts and Precincts will become Action Items for the Chair and Vice Chairs.

2.     The DC GOP must have a full complement of District Captains and Precinct Leaders to have successful caucuses and elections.

B.    Prepare a calendar for the next election cycle of the activities at the state and county level in which the DC GOP should participate.

1.     This is a part of preparing an overall calendar for the coming election cycle.

2.     It will also assist the Treasurer is preparing a budget for the coming election cycle.

C.    Communicate the positive Consequences of well attended Caucuses and a higher number of Republican votes for the President:

1.     Report on what the bylaws say about how the number of delegates from each Precinct to the County Assembly are determined. (What is the effect of higher attendance at a caucus?)

2.     Report on what the bylaws say about how the number of Republican Voters effect the number of Bonus Delegates a county gets to send to the State Central Committee.

3.     This and related information should be communicated to the Central Committee and put in the Caucus Pamphlet.     

D.    Consider modification to the By Laws that would grant voting rights to members of standing committees that do not already have the right to vote on issues and elections brought before the Central Committee.


A.    Have a computerized accounting system capable of reporting Incomes and Expenses by activity, by month and by year with Budget versus Actual Analysis.

B.    Report on the expenses and incomes, by activity, for the past election cycle.

1.     This may involve assistance from the previous Treasurer;

2.     This information will be helpful in providing a realistic budget for the current cycle.

3.     Chuck has budget and expenditures on his computer from when he was Treasurer.

C.    Using information from the other officers to prepare a budget for the coming election cycle.

D.    Are we required to issue a Tax Return to the IRS for 2018?

E.    Report on the current requirements of the states campaign finance regulations as they would apply to the DC GOP.

F.     Report on the status of our Liability Insurance as it applies to the activities of the DC GOP.


A.    If this were a business, I would say that my door will always to open to any member of the Central Committee that has something to say.  Instead I’ll give you all my contact info.

1.     Current email address is

2.     Phone is 303-681-3394

B.    As Chair, I will make it a priority to “stay in touch” by attending some of the meetings that District Captains and Committee Chairs will be holding.

Now you have an understanding of the Action Items I will be considering if I am elected Chair of the Douglas County Republicans.  Yesterday, I emailed you my Guiding Principles.  Today, I am emailing you my Action Plan.  I am serious about this position and I have given a great amount of thought on what it will take for the Douglas County Republicans to be successful again.

Thanks for Listening,

Chuck O’Reilly


This email was sent/authorized by Chuck O’Reilly for Chairman


Grant Nelson for 1st Vice Chair

Douglas County Central Committee Members,

Please let this notice serve as my intent to place my name as a candidate for the 1st Vice Chair in the upcoming February 5th election.  As a recently elected District Captain for District 5 I have not been involved within the party for a long time, but I have been always been a proud Republican.   During the 2017 school board election I was fortunate to meet a great number of you and was honored that the Republican Party endorsed our slate.

Even though I have not been involved in the DCGOP for a long time, I have been involved in State and local politics for a long time.  From 2008 to 2016 I served as both Government Relations chair and State Director of Colorado and Wyoming for the International Council of Shopping Centers “ICSC”.  In these positions I lobbied at the State and local level on several important issues.  As State Director I oversaw four separate committees, hosted an annual conference for 250 people, and was responsible for annual fundraising.   If I am fortunate enough to be elected to the 1st Vice Chair position, I believe my previous experiences as State Director and running for the school board will be helpful to build effective committees and to fundraise for the party.

Over the twenty-six years I have lived in Douglas County I have witnessed its growth and the transformation from a rural community with a few small towns to a large and rapidly growing suburban community.   We have always had Republican leaders in the County and I feel its imperative to grow the party so that we can continue that tradition.  Over the past four years Douglas County has been adding 3,400 homes per year.  This translates to over nine homes per day, or eighteen potential voters per day being added to the County.  We need to find an effective way to reach out to these new residents and hopefully engage them in the Party.  As 1st Vice Chair I will work closely with the communications committee and continue to support their great work and hopefully find a way to reach these important new voters. 

During the school board election, I worked closely with Stu Parker for almost six months.  Since the election Stu and I have remained close and have had numerous conversations about how to make a positive impact in Douglas County.  We are running as individuals for 1st Vice chair and 2nd Vice chair but feel that as a team we can work very effectively together for the benefit of the Party. 

Should you have any ideas or questions, please reach out to me at any time. I respectfully ask for your vote for 1st Vice Chair on February 5th.


Grant Nelson

Email sent to the Central Committee on 2.2.19 at 4:58PM

DCGOP Central Committee:

As a district captain, a precinct leader, or just an active Republican in Douglas County you are alreadya leader in the community.  As leaders it is incumbent upon us look at the state of the Republican Party in Douglas County and assess our strengths and our vulnerabilities.

The greatest strength we have had is to fulfill the one job of the DCGOP which is to elect Republicans.  We have historically been good at getting Republicans elected to positions in the County, the State, and at the Federal level. We have been able to keep this strength as our County has grown from a small County to the State’s seventh largest County.  It is imperative that we keep this strength and the ability to elect Republicans to represent our County.

As you know, our voting advantage has been is nearly completely erased. Registrations for the GOP is down, while Democrats have gone up, while the unaffiliated voter rolls have skyrocketed.  The trend indicates the GOP numbers will fall below that of unaffiliated sometime this year.

Republicans we have a major issue.  The leadership of the DCGOP needs to find effective solutions to how we can change this trend!

This is why I’m running for 1st Vice Chair.  The two major roles for this position are communication committee and most importantly fundraising. I want to help foster the tremendous collaboration and efforts of this committee, which has done amazing work the last 9 months or so.

Where I truly believe I am the right candidate is in the fundraising efforts.

  • For 20 years I have been raising equity from investors for projects ranging in size from a few thousand to multi-millions of dollars.  I have done this by being successful in providing strong business plans and finishing with great financial outcomes for my investors
  • As the volunteer state director for ICSC, I was responsible for raising $20,000.00 to $25,000.00 per year to host an annual conference and in each of the four years as state director I was able to raise more money than the previous year
  • During 2017 Douglas County School Board election I was able to raise more money than anyone else in the race. Over the five months that we raised money I was able to outraise any of my opponents by over a 2:1 margin and ended up raising money for not only my account but significant amounts for my slate as well. 

With my fundraising capabilities and ties to donors, combined with the ideas that Stu Parker (running for 2nd Vice Chair) has for events and our Get Out The Vote effort, we will bring a renewed energy to the Douglas County Republican Party.  We need to work together to reach out to new and unaffiliated voters and bring them into the Republican Party.  I believe that we need expand improve our image and our exposure it in the community and be able expand our presence and image in the communities of Douglas County.

On Tuesday I will be running for the 1st Vice Chair of the DCGOP and should you believe I am the right candidate for the position, I respectfully ask for your vote.

Should you wish to discuss or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.


Grant Nelson



David DiCarlo for 1st Vice Chair

Hello Douglas County Republican Central Committee member. 

My name is David DiCarlo and I am asking for your vote as 1st Vice Chair of the Douglas County Republican Party.  

I have been active in the Douglas County Republican Party since 2009, serving as District Captain of district 36 and as Secretary of Senate District 30.  I have extensive experience in organizing campaigns, communicating directly with unaffiliated voters, Get Out The Vote strategies, and fundraising / finance.  

As a Field Director for Americans for Prosperity, I was primarily responsible for community organizing in Douglas County as well as across the Front Range. This gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge with classes in leadership, data, political statistics, public speaking, and campaign management.  I am a graduate of the Grassroots Leadership Academy with additional training through the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership. During the last decade I have spent countless hours in the classroom, the boardroom and on the voters doorsteps logging over 25,000 doors–and many times that number in calls–for the party, candidate campaigns, policy initiatives and directly engaging in persuasion of unaffiliated voters. 

In addition to my political experience, I served on the District Accountability Committee for the Douglas County School District from 2011 through 2014, including 15 months as the chairman of that committee.

Though I understand the importance of fundraising and communications skills,  my experience is not confined to the specific duties of this office.  My skills encompass the full spectrum of the political landscape allowing me to recognize how my work in this office will play a part in the party’s operation and beyond. 

I ask for your vote for 1st Vice Chair at the Douglas County Republican Central Committee Organizational Meeting on February 5, 2019, at 7:00p.m. at the Douglas County Fairgrounds Event Center.

Thank You,

David A. DiCarlo

Cell: 602-363-6368

This email was sent/authorized by David DiCarlo for 1st Vice Chairman


Alexandra Harden for 2nd Vice Chair

Dear Douglas County Central Committee;

My name is Alexandra Harden, and I would like to serve as the 2nd Vice Chair of Events for the Douglas County Republican Party.  

I have been a resident of Douglas County, and a member of the DCGOP for over 10 years.   I have served as a Precinct Person, Assistant District Captain, and Current District Captain over that time. 

I have planned and organized the 2016 and 2017 Lincoln Day Dinner and Auction, and organized the Auction for several years prior.    I have also assisted in Organizing Events and Auctions for several other organizations in Douglas County as well.    

I would like to put this experience and knowledge to work organizing the event calendar for the Party, and to work with the Executive and Central Committee’s to improve our current events and bring new ideas and events to the County Party to help bring in and excite new Republican Volunteers.

I would humbly ask for your vote for 2nd Vice Chair of Events at the Douglas County Republican Central Committee Organizational Meeting on February 5, 2019, at 7:00p.m. at the Douglas County Fairgrounds Event Center.  

Thank You,
Alexandra Harden

Email from Alexandra Harden sent to executive committee Sunday 1.27.19 at 9:21pm

Dear Douglas County Central Committee,

Last week I announced my offer and desire to serve as your 2nd Vice Chair of the Douglas County Republican Party.  I believe my experience makes me well qualified for this office.

According to the bylaws, the duties of the 2nd Vice Chair are primarily to organize party events as well as train party members and volunteers to get out the vote. 

As I mentioned in my announcement, my event planning experience includes the complete organization of the 2016 and 2017 Lincoln Day Dinners after having managed the Lincoln Day Dinner auctions for several years prior.  My husband and I built the database and tracking system which allows us to aggregate and compare results and donations from every year it has been used to help determine the success of each fundraising event.  Outside of the party, I have assisted in the organization of several events for my children’s schools as well as having helped the Knights of Columbus of St. Mark Parrish in Highlands Ranch with their gala, and have run their auctions with the same database system for the last several years.

When it comes to Get Out The Vote, I have been involved in every GOTV effort this decade–first as a precinct person, then as an assistant district captain, and now as a district captain.   I’ve had the opportunity to participate in GOTV efforts and campaigns that were successful as well as learn from elections that were less successful.

I humbly ask for your vote for 2nd Vice Chair of Events at the Douglas County Republican Central Committee Organizational Meeting on February 5, 2019 at 7:00pm (be sure to get there by 6:30 to have time to check-in).  If you have any questions or would like to reach out to me, please do not hesitate to call or email me.

Thank you,
Alexandra Harden

This email was sent/authorized by Alexandra Harden for Second Vice Chairman


Stu Parker for 2nd Vice Chair

It’s a glorious day to be in Douglas County, still the shining light on the Colorado hill.  How to keep it that way?  It’s this that drives and compels me to announce my candidacy for 2nd Vice Chair for our great party.

As many of you know I have been soul searching and researching the reasons for the disturbing results and trends in Colorado.  Securing conservatism in Douglas County and returning it to our State is in reach, but it must take a different approach.  By different, I do NOT mean compromising a single one of our principles.  Different is how we reach those multitudes of independent thinking Coloradans in our community with the great positives of those conservative ideals; ideals that truly progress our society.

I will detail my vision for this position as we near elections on February 5.  To tease, I see numerous ways to transform the traditional annual events to make them true community happenings that attract more to get involved with our efforts.  I envision a consistent GOTV effort that builds, supplements and expands on the great efforts that so many of you have sacrificed for our cause in the past.

The 2nd Vice Chair is a relatively new office, broken out from the 1st Vice Chair position.  The two positions are still completely dependent on one another.  For this reason, it is imperative that the two chairs not only work together, but have a common vision, mindset and work ethic. Grant Nelson and I have had numerous conversations and share a burning desire to make a positive impact for Douglas County and the State of Colorado.  We have decided that both running individually, but also as a team makes sense for ourselves and creates synergy for the benefit of the party.

For all who have been actively involved you have witnessed my dedication to our mission, my pragmatism and my desire and willingness to bring disparate groups of our conservative coalition together for a common purpose.

This is about each of you and our common desire for an even better Douglas County. I ask for your vote on February 5.  It would be my honor to earn this and serve for you, and with you in this urgent mission.

If you have questions or ideas, I welcome a conversation with you. Please don’t hesitate to email, text or call me.


-Stu Parker

Email to Exec committee 1.27.19 at 4:36pm

Good evening,

I’ve had conversations with some who know my business travel schedule. I wanted to address the concern that some of you might have.  I put together a short video.  I hope you’ll follow the link below.

Suffice to say, I’ve been traveling and volunteering for nearly a decade.  I’ve been successful at both my career and my volunteer efforts. In fact, there are some positives with a sales role and the ability to carve out time to handle the duties of the 2nd Vice-Chair role.

Please take less than 3 minutes to view my video. I would appreciate it. If I don’t reach out to you first, please feel free to reach out to me.

Stu Parker


This email was sent/authorized by Stu Parker for 2nd Vice Chairman

Email sent by Stu Parker 1.30.19 2:36pm

Hello Central Committee,

I’ve uploaded a new video with some more details about my desires to support our group efforts.  I would appreciate you taking the less than 2:30 (minutes, not hours) to watch it.

A couple quick points:

  • You’ll hear me speak to roles for both 1st and 2nd Vice Chair
  • I am focused to the GOTV and Events 
    •     I have experience and a view to the future on helping these grow and attract more people in our county
  • As I speak to fundraising, the major component of the 1st Chair, Grant has great experience for the fundraising responsibilities required
  • I, we will bring an impassioned, reasoned approach that will be inclusive of any and all like minded conservatives
    •     People who are 70, 80, 90+ percent with us will be welcome in a coalition to drive away the evils that lie in front of our County, State and Nation in a Leftist controlled government.
  • Finally, yes, I know what day it is.  I say Thursday at one point.  Like most of you, my days seem to run together
    •     No one is perfect. Certainly not me.

I look forward to earning your vote next Tuesday evening.  Blessings to each and everyone of you.

-Stu Parker


This email was sent/authorized by Stu Parker for 2nd Vice Chairman

Email sent to Executive Committee 2.2.19 11:02am
Good morning Douglas County Republicans,

We are just 3 days away from choosing our new DCGOP executive board.  I was inspired to share a message with you as I walked my dog this morning.

Below is just a short 2 minutes (and 9 seconds) on some thoughts I’d like you to consider as you determine how you’ll vote on Tuesday evening.

Thanks for taking a couple of minutes for me this weekend.  I ask for your support, your vote and your commitment to being on the front lines with me as we move forward to keep our county the amazing community it is.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.  

-Stu Parker


This email was sent/authorized by Stu Parker for 2nd Vice Chairman

Email sent 2.4.19 at 6:31am

Good morning Douglas County,

Tomorrow is a big day for our party. With so little time in this process, I wanted to make sure you knew a little more about where I came from and why I chose this position at this time in my life.  Please take 4 minutes and watch the attached video.  I thank you for your consederation and I look forward to being honored by your vote tomorrow.

-Stu Parker


Franceen Thompson for Secretary

Good evening, Douglas County Central Committee!

My name is Franceen Thompson and I ask you for the honor of serving as your Secretary of the Douglas County Republican Party. 

Over the years I have served the party both as a precinct person and as a district captain.  I have also assisted each of our three previous secretaries–Craig Steiner, Andy Barnett, and Stephen Allen–by taking minutes and helping to organize Central Committee Meetings and Assemblies. 

By assisting our past secretaries, I gained practical experience in each stage of caucus from packet preparation to entering vote totals into the State Party System after caucus. 

Through these volunteer opportunities I have developed the knowledge and understanding necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of Secretary.

I ask for your vote for Secretary at the Douglas County Republican Central Committee Organizational Meeting on February 5, 2019, at 7:00p.m. at the Douglas County Fairgrounds Event Center.

Franceen Thompson


Meghann Silverthorn for Treasurer

Good evening, Douglas County Republican Central Committee!

My name is Meghann Silverthorn, and I hope to earn your support to be your next Douglas County Republican Party Treasurer. 

I’ve been a Douglas County resident since 2006, and have been attending Douglas County Republican meetings and events since 2008. From 2009-2017 I served on your Douglas County School District Board of Education, the last two years as board president. I have served as both precinct person and district captain. I’ve worked on various campaigns, issues, and events in Colorado for 20 years. On a personal level, my engineering and analytical background, as well as extensive experience with management, budgeting, and finance, give me confidence that I can serve you efficiently so that the Party can concentrate on what is important: electing Republicans and promoting the Party platform.

In addition to regular volunteerism, I have expertise with numbers and data analysis that would serve the Party well as we expand our reach with events, outreach, and efforts to grow the Party leading into the critical 2019 and 2020 elections. As we all know, effective elections begin with voter contact. I have the skills to manage the Party’s resources as we work to maximize this contact, and to keep the Executive Committee well informed with reports.

It would be a true pleasure to work with the other officers, the Executive Committee, the Central Committee, and all Douglas County Republicans to keep Douglas County RED. Please reach out to me anytime with questions, comments, or ideas. It would be my honor to earn your vote at the Douglas County Republican Central Committee Organizational Meeting on February 5, 7:00p.m. at the Douglas County Fairgrounds Event Center. 

Thank you!
Meghann Silverthorn
(720) 839-4494


Email sent 1.30.19 to Executive Committee from Candidate Stephen Allen

A successful leadership team must have the skills, the common vision, and an internal cohesiveness to be successful. Everyone needs to be pulling in the same direction.

Based on our experience working with each other in Douglas County politics for nearly a decade, we know we will all work effectively together as party officers. We hope to have the opportunity to serve you over the next two years.

Stephen Allen, Chairman: Stephen has been actively involved with the party since 2009 and has served as our Secretary for the last four years. He also served as a District Captain and precinct leader prior to that. Stephen has the leadership experience, knowledge of the party’s internal operations, and the candidate neutrality required to be a successful Chairman.

David DiCarlo, 1st Vice Chairman: David has critical experience communicating with unaffiliated voters gained while working with Americans for Prosperity, fundraising experience, and has engaged in every local election since 2009. David’s experience gives him the tools needed to excel in the communication and fundraising duties of 1st Vice Chair.

Alexandra Harden, 2nd Vice Chairman: Alexandra’s name has become synonymous with event planning as she has been directly involved with organizing our party’s fundraising auctions for years, and organized the 2016 and 2017 Lincoln Day Dinners. Combined with her participation in Get Out The Vote in every election since 2010, Alexandra has the experience necessary to be successful as our 2nd Vice Chair.

Franceen Thompson, Secretary: Franceen has worked with each of the last three Secretaries (Stephen Allen, Andy Barnett, and Craig Steiner) and has assisted with Central Committee meetings, Caucus preparation, and County Assemblies. Franceen will hit the ground running because she already has the experience and knowledge of the Office to be our next great Secretary.

Meghann Silverthorn, Treasurer: Meghann has been involved in the party since 2008 having served as both a District Captain and precinct leader, as well as serving two terms on our Douglas County School Board including two years as board president. Meghann’s experience with numbers and budgeting make her a natural fit for the Office of Treasurer.

We ask for your vote at the Douglas County Republican Central Committee Organizational Meeting on February 5, 7:00 p.m. at the Douglas County Fairgrounds Event Center.

This email was sent/authorized by Stephen Allen for Chairman


DCGOP Information Regarding
Bonus Members

Douglas County Republicans:

This is a reminder that at the DCGOP Organizational Meeting on February 5, in addition to party officers and district captains, we will be electing bonus members to the State, 4th and 6th Congressional, and 18th Judicial Central Committees.

An individual may be elected as a bonus member to more than one of these committees. State bonus members will have a vote in the elections for state party chairman, vice-chair, and secretary.

If you’d like to run for bonus member, email with your name, address, and whether you’d like to run for state bonus member, 18th Judicial bonus member, 4th Congressional bonus member, and/or 6th Congressional bonus member. The deadline to email us your intent to run is Sunday, January 27th.

At the DCGOP Organizational meeting, candidates for bonus member will have an opportunity to briefly address the Central Committee before ballots are cast, and you are encouraged to arrive at the meeting early if you wish to mingle and do some face-to-face campaigning.

Bonus Member Candidates will also have an opportunity to briefly address the Executive Committee at the next Executive Committee meeting this Saturday, January 12th. Time and location information for the meeting is available on our website at DCGOP.ORG under the Calendar.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Regards, Stephen Allen, Secretary Douglas County Republicans


STATE Bonus Member Candidates (18)

1. Kelsey Alexander

2. Renee Anderson

3. John Beckwith

4. Ed Brewer

5. Amy Byczkowski

6. Charles Carlisle

7. Jan Cook

8. Robin Coran

9. Roger Edwards

10. John Evans

11. John Fielding

12. Anne Gill

13. Dave Gill

14. Art Goldberger

15. Alexandra Harden

16. Gene Hawley

17. John Hoskinson

18. Andy Jones

19. Rachel Keane

20. Jess Loban

21. Grant Nelson

22. Kory Nelson

23. Joe Nunez

24. Lilly Nunez

25. Joy Overbeck

26. Stu Parker

27. Donald Parrot

28. David Petteys

29. Barbara Piper

30. Jane Riley

31. Aldis Sides

32. Cindy Smith

33. George Teal

34. James Tekada

35. Alice Vierth

36. J.B. Wisotski

37. Jim Worley

38. Melanie Worley

39. Aleta You

40. Evelyn Zur

18th JUDICIAL Bonus Member Candidates (20)

1. John Beckwith

2. Ed Brewer

3. Amy Byczkowski

4. Doug Chestnut

5. John Fielding

6. Laurence Glesener

7. Art Goldberger

8. Kory Nelson

9. Joy Overbeck

10. Stu Parker

11. David Petteys

12. Barbara Piper

13. Cindy Smith

14. Lora Thomas

15. J.B. Wisotski

16. Aleta You

17. Evelyn Zur

CD4 Bonus Member Candidates (14)

1. Michael Andersen

2. John Beckwith

3. Ed Brewer

4. Amy Byczkowski

5. Doug Chestnut

6. Robin Coran

7. Laurence Glesener

8. Jess Loban

9. Joe Nunez

10. Lilly Nunez

11. Joy Overbeck

12. Barbara Piper

13. Cindy Smith

14. J.B. Wisotski

15. Aleta You

16. Evelyn Zur

CD6 Bonus Member Candidates (6)

1. Roger Edwards

2. Art Goldberger

3. Andy Jones

4. Stu Parker

5. David Petteys

6. Jane Riley

7. Aldis Sides

8. Lora Thomas

9. Monica Wasden

10. Melanie Worley