5B (Bond) -Douglas County School District BOND FOR SCHOOL CAPITAL CONSTRUCTION – $250 MILLION

5B (Bond) -Douglas County School District BOND


  • The Douglas County Board of Education is
    requesting a $250,000,000 bond for capital maintenance projects. The 7-member, union-supported board recently hired a new superintendent with a professional record of achieving public support tax increases in other districts. Neighboring districts like Jeffco, Littleton, Cherry Creek and Boulder all pay significantly higher taxes but Douglas County continues to lead the state with the highest ACT/SAT scores. Douglas County also has a 90.4% graduation rate- higher than Jeffco, Cherry Creek and Littleton.
  • $250,000,000 Bond for capital repairs- HVAC, fire alarm system, electrical, roofing, infrastructure/tech.
  • If the MLO/Bond is passed, tax payers would pay an additional $44 per 100K in home values, a $500,000 home would see an additional $220 per year taken in taxes.
  • Bonds can only be used for capital expenditures, such as major repairs, renovations, additions to schools. Bonds cannot be used for operating costs such as salaries and benefits.
  • BOE will NOT take a stand against Amendment 73
    • That additional STATEWIDE TAX INCREASE would severely damage our Douglas County taxpayers

Additional Information:

DCGOP position & the Voter Blue Book information

 The Douglas County School District Board of Education has stood silent on amendment 73, even though Douglas county will be the most impacted county in the state if opted in to a “$5 sent out of county in exchange for $2 back” tax scheme (if 73 passes). The fact that the board did not speak up for Douglas County residents illustrates that they cannot be trusted with additional Douglas County tax dollars and the impact of 5A/B on Douglas County Taxpayers.

Voter Blue Book language for opposition:

  • The ballot language requests taxpayers authorize the District to acquire new debt of nearly a quarter of a billion dollars.
  • The last time the district asked the taxpayers for a bond, the Blue Book comments in favor of the bond indicated that the failure to pass that bond would “undoubtedly” result in a “dramatic increase in class
    size” and “loss of electives and specials.”  Despite Douglas County taxpayers rejecting that bond, the promised dire consequences have not occurred and the district today continues to employ the “best and brightest educators.”
  • The district has made no assurances that the proposed bond would be paid in its entirety prior to the district asking the taxpayers for additional debt. Given the vagueness of the ballot language, the borrowed money could be used largely to fund what should be current expenses, only to ask taxpayers in the future to borrow more money for then current expenses. Borrowing money from the future to pay current expenses is not a sustainable approach to funding.
  • The district has not demonstrated that the bond is necessary and the
    district’s past appeals to taxpayers have given us reason to doubt the
    sincerity or urgency of their request.