5A (MLO) – Douglas County School District Mill Levy Override – 40 million

5A (MLO) – Douglas County School District Mill
Levy Override – 40 million


  • Total additional local property tax revenues generated by the permanent tax increase of $40 Million per year
    For the purpose of
  • Attracting and retaining teachers
  • Increasing salaries
  • Increasing mental health support
  • Enhancing safety and security
  • Providing Tech Ed and career focused learning
  • Charters will receive 100% of mill levy dollars


  • BOE will NOT take a stand against Amendment 73
    • That statewide TAX INCREASE would severely impact taxpayers in Douglas County
  • DCSD Board  stated that they would unite us. They have not.
  • Have not proven the need
  • 10,000 empty seats in the District
  • School closures have not been considered
  • Shows no concern for DougCo taxpayers on fixed

Additional Information:
DCGOP position & the Voter Blue Book information
The Douglas County School District Board of Education has stood silent on amendment 73, even though Douglas county will be the most impacted county in the state if opted in to a “$5 sent out of county in exchange for $2 back” tax scheme (if 73 passes). The fact that the board did not speak up for Douglas County residents illustrates that they cannot be trusted with additional Douglas County tax dollars and the impact of 5A/B on Douglas County Taxpayers.

 Voter Blue Book language for opposition:

•         The ballot language indicates a number of purposes for which the increased taxes will be spent, but the language specifically states that the purposes of the tax increase are not limited to those items. This means the tax increase may be spent on anything, including increasing the number of administrative employees not directly involved in the classroom or bailing out the district’s extremely generous retirement benefits that most taxpayers do not have.  The tax increase effectively can be a slush fund that will be dumped into the general fund to be spent any way the Board of Education chooses.

•         The current Superintendent has only been in Douglas County School District since July 1, 2018.  Almost 60% of the Board of Education has been in their role for less than 1 year.  They have not yet shown they are maximizing the current annual $715 million budget.  Administrators and the Board of Education should be encouraged to find the inefficiencies within the current system and maximize the use of existing revenue, before asking voters for tax increases.

•         The tax increase is a permanent increase with no sunset date and no opportunity for the taxpayers to evaluate and vote on the effectiveness of the new spending in the future.

•         The hundreds of dollars per year in new taxes that the District proposes is a nearly 20% increase in district property taxes, and is a significant amount of money for those whose income has not risen as quickly as property values, especially for elderly citizens living on a fixed income facing increasing health care costs, and younger families struggling to work multiple jobs to make ends meet.

•         Douglas County School District is already a high-performing district with excellent student outcomes, and there is no evidence that throwing more money at the district will increase performance or student outcomes.  The ballot language does not attach any metrics by which the taxpayers may evaluate any performance improvements as a result of the tax increase, and the tax increase is perpetual even if there are no improvements. Increased funding does not guarantee increased results as demonstrated by schools in cities such as Denver, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.

If 5A, 5B, and Amendment 73 all pass, Douglas County citizens would be subject to a massive combined tax increase of hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year depending on property values and individual income.