2020 Overview from Minority House Leader Patrick Neville

By Elizabeth Wood West

Colorado House Minority Leader Patrick Neville and House Republicans have an ambitious priority list for the 2020 legislative session:  Fighting for the unborn, cutting red tape for businesses, lowering taxes and fees to let families keep more of their own money, prioritizing transportation funding, providing property tax relief, and standing against the House Democrats’ agenda.

Neville said, “We also rolled out a large education agenda of more than 20 bills which include informing students of concurrent enrollment opportunities which allows them to finish two years of college before graduation; giving highly effective teachers a $2,000 bonus without raising taxes; creating child safety accounts which will allow students to attend a school they feel safe in; and allow 529 accounts to be spent on K-12 education, not only higher education.”

House Democrats’ 2020 Agenda:  According to Neville, the House Democrats’ agenda will include radical gun control, repealing the death penalty, disguising new taxes as “fees,” adopting health care policies that will put Coloradans on a direct path to government-controlled single payer, increasing regulations through expansive and mandated family leave policies, and destroying businesses through forced unionization.

Outside Big Money in Colorado:  State and local races, especially in Douglas County, are being targeted for takeover by wealthy progressives and out-of-state big money groups.  Neville explained, “People should know that Moms Demand Action is funded by ultra-liberal Michael Bloomberg and their goal is to confiscate guns – plain and simple. [Moms Demand Action appeared at 2019 Douglas County Commissioner hearings.] The left has assembled a large contingency that is largely funded by nongovernment organizations that get most of their money from government grants.  Essentially, they use the taxpayers’ money in elections to attack the taxpayer.”

Minority Leader Neville’s Calls to Action:

First, sign up at www.takebackco.org to stay informed of what is happening at the state capitol. Second, make your voices heard (phone calls, letters, emails, etc.) so that House Republicans can hold the Democrats accountable. Third, help the DCGOP by getting involved in your precincts, talking to neighbors, friends, and family. Lastly, sign up at www.patrickforcolorado.com to help and support Neville’s re-election.