Vote NO on Amendment 73, An Annual Tax Increase For Life!

Education Funding at the expense of the few.

As a result, BAD for Colorado taxpayers and businesses.

Amendment 73 (formerly amendment 93) APPEARS to check all the boxes in what we look for as Coloradans when it comes to making sure our education system is funded properly. But this is the most dangerous tax increase bill in the country, and it’s being disguised as pro-education.

If Amendment 73 passes, it will tax SOME Coloradans an additional $1.6B annually and economists predict we will be in the hook for an additional $260M a year with no end in sight for tax raises. The extreme language permits additional tax revenue to be taken from SOME Coloradans. For us, that means an additional 2.1% of tax revenue taken, every year, for life. In 5 years, when this Amendment goes for it’s first review period, we’ll have already been subject to forfeiting 10.5% of tax revenue from the general fund.

How is this acceptable? Why are Coloradans being put on the hook for the mismanagement of the additional marijuana revenue that was supposed to fix this budgetary gap for education? Why are Coloradans being asked to bail out the unions, Colorado Department of Education and pension funds that are taking money away from our children and out of the classroom?

Amendment 73 is radical, it’s a sheep in disguise and it’s the most dangerous and permanent annual increase in taxes for Colorado to absorb.

I urge you to vote NO on Amendment 73 in November.

Written by Nicholas Morse

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